Scottish Power Departments

Scottish Power DepartmentsScottish Power is an energy company that has its headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland. It was founded in 1990 and serves as a reliable distribution network operator for the southern and central parts of Scotland, North Wales and Merseyside. Scottish Power departments are also responsible for supplying electricity and gas to homeowners and businesses around the UK. 

Scottish Power Energy Tariffs

The company provides its customers with an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of tariffs that suit their individual needs. Customers can get free quotes on energy tariffs by filling their details on an online form available on the official website. The company sends its customers regular updates on new energy deals and offers in order to help them save a considerable amount of money and energy. New and existing customers are encouraged to make use of the contact details available on the website to seek clarification on the different tariffs available. 

Energy for Business use

Apart from supplying energy for domestic use, Scottish Power provides organizations and businesses to enjoy a stable and affordable supply of energy. Energy for business use can be categorized into three major departments as:

  • Micro-business/ small business energy.
  • Commercial energy service.
  • House Builders.

These services are supplied at the cheapest energy rates. In addition, the company provides customers with free energy saving tips in the usage of heating, lighting, electrical and building equipment. 

Switching to Scottish Power

Switching from your current supplier to Scottish Power can be done in a very simple process. Customers are required to provide their details to the customer care representative for registration. Details required include the customer’s location, energy consumption rate and your current energy supplier. The customer’s energy consumption rate should range closely to the figures in the recent bill at hand. The customer care representative assesses your existing tariff and compares it to what the company offers. After the assessment, they provide the customer with a comparison of how much they could save by switching to their company. Once satisfied, the customer can apply online and get the ball rolling with the cheapest energy rates. 

Online support centre

It is available on Scottish Power’s official website. Major issues of customer concern are highlighted and possible solutions already provided. However, customers can still make use of the search box available on the page to inquire about issues not listed in the FAQ section. The support centre guides customers on issues to do with billing, payments, meter readings, moving home, gas and electricity, service and standards and management of their online account. Cut down your energy bills today by switching to Scottish Power.