Scottish Power Customer Services – 0843 487 1855

Scottish Power customer servicesScottish Power is a major player in the U.K. energy sector. It operates the distribution network for for Merseyside, North Wales, Central Scotland, and Southern Scotland, and transmits power to South Scotland. The company also generates power, and supplies electricity and gas throughout U.K., and many people need to call the Scottish Power customer services number every day. 

Contact Information

The Scottish Power customer services number are 0800 027 0072 from a landline, and 0345 270 0700 from a mobile. 

Apart from this general customer service number, Scottish Power has dedicated lines for a few essential functions. The number to give meter readings over phone is 0800 027 8000, and the dedicated card payment facility number is 0800 001 5115. Scottish Power also operates an Energy Efficiency Helpline – 0800 33 22 33, to offer advice on how to conserve energy. 

Customers registered for Priority Services have an exclusive Scottish Power customer services number 0800 027 1122. 

The Contact us page on the website offers detailed information on how to get in touch with Scottish Power customer services for all essential functions, including giving meter readings, making payments, getting a gas or electricity quote for new connections, boiler care quote, and more. 

Customer Support Issues

The Scottish Electric Customer Support webpage is divided into the following sections: Billing, Meter Readings, Payments, Gas and Electricity, Moving Home, Online Accounts, Service Standards, and Other Information. Each section lists out the common type of queries customers make to Scottish Power Customer Services.

The Billing sections covers issues related to meter reading, credit balance refunds when changing providers, bill explanations and break-ups, and other related information. The meter reading section illustrates how to make meter readings, convert estimated bill to final bill, and more. The Payments sections deal with the different methods to make payments. The Gas and Electricity section provides information on the various products on offer.

The Moving Home section answers questions such as how to get refunds on credit balance, how to ensure power is on when moving in, clarifications on pre-payment meter, and more. The online sections provide information on how to open and manage an online account with Scottish Power. The Services and Standards section lays down the service standards, what to do in case of complaints, and other information. The More section offers energy efficiency tips, emergency information, and more.

The Scottish Power Support Center webpage answers all these questions, and offers the facility to search for information now directly included in the Customer Services webpage. Customers may dial the Scottish Power customer services number to get instant replies, seek answers to information not contained in the Customer Services webpage, or to act upon the information provided in the webpage.