Scottish Power Complaints – 0843 487 1855

Scottish Power ComplaintsScottish Power is a leading energy company in the U.K., supplying cheap gas and electricity to households and businesses across the country. The company has a strong customer support team, to register Scottish Power complaints, and has a formal complaints procedure in place to offer resolution quickly and fairly.

Type of Complaints

Apart from Scottish power faults, or problems with the electricity or gas supply, the top five complaint categories received by Scottish Power relate to billing, payment issues, customer services, customer establishment, and metering. Within these categories, common complaints relate to difficulties in paying energy bill, disputes with bills or charges applied, non commitment of any special offer, complaints on inadequate service levels, delays or deficiencies in setting up a new connection, disagreement on meter readings, not honouring appointments to take meter readings, and more.

Contact Customer Support 

There is a Scottish Power faults number to register faults or issues related to electricity or gas supply.

The first step in the Scottish Power complaints procedure is for the customer to contact customer support through telephone or email. Most complaints are resolved to the satisfaction of the customer at this stage itself. 

Customer Care Team

If the customer support agent who takes the complaint call cannot resolve the issue immediately, he or she escalates the issue to a member of the Customer Care Team, and offer the customer a complaint reference number. The member of the customer support team, assigned to the case, keeps the customer informed, and resolves the complaint within ten working days. 

Customer Service Director’s Support Team

If ten days have passed, or if the customer is not satisfied with the resolution offered by the customer care team, the customer may opt for the compliant to be reviewed by the Customer Service Director’s Support Team. Customers may use the Scottish Power complaints number or email the customer service director for this purpose.


If the resolution offered by the Customer Service Director’s support team is not satisfactory, or if there is no decision within eight weeks of having lodged the complaint, the customer may opt to appeal to the Energy Ombudsman, a free and independent body. The decision of the Ombudsman is binding on Scottish power.

Customers with Scottish Power complaints may also opt to seek free advise from Citizens Advise at any stage of the complaint process. Citizen’s Advise is an independent body that offers advise on the customer’s rights, and how to make proper complaints, among other information.