Scottish Power Contact Number – 0843 487 1855

Scottish Power contact numberHere you can find which Scottish power contact number to call for any query. Below you will find the contact details for general service, energy efficiency and priority service queries. 

General Service Queries

If you have a general customer service query then you should contact the Scottish Power customer services phone line. The Scottish Power customer services phone line can help you with a range of issues including setting up a new account, moving between energy suppliers, queries about your bill and payment options. 

Energy Efficiencies Queries

If you have a question about energy efficiency you should use the Scottish Power contact number. By calling this number you can receive advice on your usage and improve your energy efficiency. The customer service representative will be able to explain how your usage is reflected in the bills sent by Scottish Power. They can also direct you towards energy initiatives run by the government. This Scottish Power phone line is available 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday.

Scottish Power contact numberPriority Service Queries

There is also a Scottish Power phone number to register for priority services. This is part of Scottish Power’s care free scheme. If you are a CareFree member then you will be given a personal password to identify yourself. This personal password will be given to any Scottish Power employee who needs to visit your property so that you are able to immediately identify them. Over the CareFree phone line you can also have your bill read out to you if your a partially sighted. If you require electricity for medial equipment CareFree will ensure that the energy supply is maintained.

If you have a complaint about the services from Scottish Power or if you issue has not been properly addressed by the Scottish Power contact number helpline, you can open a complaint with the Energy Supply Ombudsman. The Energy Supply Ombudsman is an independent body which helps to resolve issues that occur between energy suppliers and their customers. You can also request that your local MP opens a complaint with the Ombudsman on your behalf.